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Panorama stitching software, PhotoFit is a high performance panoramic photo stitching software, or panorama photo converter, equipped with high precision multi-row panorama stitching technology. PhotoFit stitches up panorama photo automatically from small images.
Stitch your digital camera (digicam) photos together and get a single, wide and large, seamless panorama picture with PhotoFit.

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PhotoFit, for perfect panorama stitch PhotoFit, panorama stitching digicam software
PhotoFit - panorama stitching software for digicam photos Features of PhotoFit - know all about panorama stitching software, PhotoFit. Good digicam software. Download PhotoFit, perfect panorama stitch software, today! Your best digicam panorama partner. Purchase PhotoFit, your choice of Harmony or Premiium PhotoFit Gallery. Free panorama pictures.  All photos are panoramized and stitched by PhotoFit, TekMate's panorama stitch software. PhotoFit Award. PhotoFit, #1 panorama stitch software, won so many awards. PhotoFit Contact.
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"PhotoFit, a Windows image-stitching application that allows you to turn individual images into an ultra-wide, panorama, or fish-eye image...... PhotoFit will automatically compensate for the tilt and rotation of photographs that are taken with hand-held cameras, and stitch the photos together seamlessly."

----- by Steve's Digicams

"PhotoFit is an image-stitching application that can analyze a series of multi-row and multi-column photographs and build seamless images out of them. PhotoFit can also create 360-degree horizontal panoramas, vertical panoramas or whole panoramas. ....."

----- by Tucows
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